Who we are

Casa&Organização is a consultancy specialized in residential management.

We offer the best residential solutions through a portfolio of personalized products and services, assuring ease for our clients.

Casa&Organização carries out detailed mapping of every ambient in your home.

Based on this, we draw up customized organization planning that is compatible with your family’s routine.

Service Portfolio

– Ambient mapping
– Organization and cleaning planning
– Daily routine guide (with photos of the original areas)
– Purchase list of kitchen items, medications, toiletries and cleaning products
– Instruction manual for cleaning products
– List of infrastructure maintenance
– Laundry schedule

Living rooms

Manual with instructions for cleaning each piece of furniture/object and which products to use.

Fitting of light bulbs with specific strengths, models and colors for each room.

Objects arranged using photos.


Standardized organization for bed, closets and cabinets.

Cleaned and pressed clothes, with parts control in laundry.


Maintenance of electronic equipment.

Replacement of toiletries and medications.

Organization of towels, rugs and bathrobes.


Inventory of dishes and silverware.

Replacement of consumption items.

Drawing up a menu.

The entire house (general maintenance)

Regulation and repair of air-conditioners and domestic appliances.

Pools and bathtubs.

Electrics, water and maintenance.



Casa&Organização is managed by Luciana Xavier. She holds both a graduate degree and a master’s degree in Hotel Management and has been working in residential management since 2004.

The residential consultancy services are based on a flexible price policy and therefore can be customized according to the needs of your home. Visits can be scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

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